Pia Palme by Markus Gradwohl

Pia Palme by Markus Gradwohl

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Noisy Swans 2018   >>> more
on site performance
performed during an artist residency at Örö Linnake, Finland 11/2018


Fern Bowl Piece 2018   >>> more
on site performance and text
written and performed during an artist residency at Örö Linnake, Finland 11/2018


Mattetoline 2018   >>> more
on site performance
performed during an artist residency at Örö Linnake, Finland 11/2018


a contemporary exercise for ensemble
for trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor trombone, violin, viola, violoncello

Duration app. 7 minutes
UA ensemble Reconsil, Gols Austria


for mixed choir/für gemischten Chor, mit drei solistischen Frauenstimmen

Auftragsarbeit für den Chor Gegenstimmen, Wien

Duration 4:30 minutes
UA October 2018 choir gegenstimmen, Musikverein Wien



for oboe da caccia solo
Duration app. 9 minutes



minimalist music theatre
for/with 14 performers between 8 – 19 years

idea, production & direction: Pia Palme
for voice, 2 accordions, harpsichord, piano,
3 solo recorders, recorder quintet, percussion, electronics, video

with texts and video in cooperation with the performers
masks in cooperation with Wintercroft UK

Duration 23 minutes

Commissioned by IGNM Austria for festival Wien Modern 2017 and Junge Musik, supported by Musikschule Wien and BKA Austria. Premiered by Ensemble 22 at Odeon Vienna.


KREISUNG 2017    >>>more

for string quartet
(optional) with video and electronic playback track (6 channel)

Duration ca. 14 minutes

Commissioned by festival BTzM Bludenzer Tage zeitgemässer Musik 2017,
premiered by Quartetto Maurice at Remise Bludenz Austria.


HER VERY NOISE, HER GUISE 2017   >>>more

for mezzo soprano, bass flute, violoncello
with texts by Pia Palme

Duration 12 minutes

Commissioned and premiered by Trio Atem, Manchester UK.



for voice (mezzo soprano) and playback/speaker installation
or for 3 voices (mezzo soprano)
with a text by Pia Palme

Duration 7’30” minutes

Commissioned by festival Klangspuren Schwaz,
premiered by Kaoko Amano & Ensemble Schallfeld, Tyrol Austria.


WEISSE HÖRGEBIETE 2017   >>>more

a performance & lecture on feminist listening
with contrabass recorder, voice (live performance), electronics (4-channel) and video (fixed media)

Duration 25 to 50 minutes



a performance & lecture on the interaction between vocality and instrumentality,
[referring to a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (“Daß ich Eins und doppelt bin”)]
with contrabass recorder, voice (live performance), electronics (4-channel) and video (fixed media)

Duration 30 minutes


arbesbach 2016   >>>more

a cartographic performance
performed with a contrabass recorder, filmed and recorded in the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald)

Duration 16 minutes



A work for ensemble (fl. (bs.fl. + picc.), bs.cl., bar.sax., vl., vlc., d.b.)
electronics and video
Duration 16 minutes

Written for the festival tgnm Graz,
premiered by ensemble SCHALLFELD


SETZUNG 1.2 (January 2016)

Lecture-performance, Pia Palme solo
With texts, video, live-performance with contrabass-recorder and electronic playback

Produced for a composer’s presentation at Harvard University, January 2016.
Duration 28 minutes


VOM RAUSCH IM SCHWARM II (January 2016)   >>>more

A work for ensemble (fl. (bs.fl. + picc.), bs.cl., bar.sax., vl., vlc., d.b.)
With a text and electronic playback track (4 channels)
Duration: 16 minutes


MUSTERBUCH für Mezzosopran
 (January 2016)

for a vocalist with a throat-microphone

The score contains music and instructions, text,
video and electronic playback (4 channels).
Duration app. 14 minutes


ESHQ II (January 2016)

for oboe da caccia
Duration: 12 minutes


UNDER ELEPHANTINE SKIN (November 2015)   >>>more

For countertenor, theorbo, baroque oboe,
recorders, electronics,
with a text by Pia Palme

Duration app. 20 minutes
Commissioned by Wien Modern (A Phenomenology of Pop)


MORDACIOUS LIPS, TO DUST (October 2015)     >>>more

A work for four singers (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
With a text by Pia Palme
Duration: 11 minutes

Composed for the ensemble EXAUDI (James Weeks, director)
for the portfolio opportunity via Sound and Music UK
The composition was also supported by BKA  Art Department Austria and the City of Vienna.


VOM RAUSCH IM SCHWARM (September 2015)     >>>more

A work for ensemble
(violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, trombone and wind-machine)
With a text by Pia Palme
Duration app. 14 minutes

Commissioned by the ensemble Reconsil
Composed with support from the BKA Art Department Austria


Patterns to punctuate speech, with darkness. (June 2015)      >>>more

Lecture performance with video/sound/text by Pia Palme
Live performance with voice & contrabass recorder
Duration 20 minutes


BIRDSONG CRANNIES (May 2015)    >>>more

text & score for voice & movement
for 1 male & 4 female voices

German text & text compilation by Pia Palme,
contemplating a passage from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare,
with English excerpts from ‘The Waves’ by Virginia Woolf

Duration ca. 23 minutes


WITH DARKNESS (March 2015)    >>> more

for voice (mezzo) with a throat-microphone, electronics
and a punchcard score
Duration 14 minutes

commissioned by the festival Salzburg Biennale 2015
for Ute Wassermann


Doris Schmid: video / Pia Palme: sound 


RELATIVELY SCARY (October 2014)   >>> more
for contrabass recorder and electronics,
co-composed with Electric Indigo
commissioned for the ECAS carousel at musikprotokoll, Graz 2014


SETZUNG 1.1 (September 2014)   >>> more

Solo for an actress/vocalist,
composition, text and setting with a transparent membrane score
commissioned by Cercle – Konzertreihe für neue Musik, Wien 2014


GIB SIE WIEDER (March 2014)
A warning commentary on resonance II    >>> more

for harp & electronics
Text by Pia Palme


A warning commentary on resonance I   >>> more

for viola d’amore, electronics, a sounding object & contrabass recorder
Text by Pia Palme


(December 2013)     >>> more

In this piece for voice and ensemble (mezzosoprano, percussion, live electronics and a Baroque ensemble performing with flauto traverso, cembalo and bass viol at a=415 hz) I wrap modules of a new composition around a fragmented baroque Prelude by Elisabeth Jacquet da La Guerre.


RADIAT MN performing the noise of mind (2013)     >>> more

Installation and performance instructions for a solo performance
with a contrabass recorder (or any other instrument),
voice and 4 microphones, 4 installed speakers.



A text piece temporarily installed at a huge glass wall at the university of Huddersfield.


Opera ABSTRIAL (2013)     >>> more

for baritone solo, 3 female voices, contrabass recorder (by Palme),
computer and 10 loudspeakers (by Electric Indidigo)
in collaboration with director and choreographer Paola Bianchi,
installation artist Ivan Fantini
and poet Anne Waldman, premiered in Vienna, April 25th 2013.


Turquoise Passages (2013)     >>> more

sketches of a new solo piece
for contrabass recorder, voice & electronics started in Tehran.


LIP OF THE REAL II (2013)     >>> more

for flute & voice (with throat-microphone),
percussion and live-electronics
with a libretto by Pia Palme from exts by Anne Waldman, Pia Palme and translated fragments by Margret Kreidl.


BARE BRANCHES (2012)     >>> more

weltliches Requiem und Raumanordnung
für 2 Solostimmen, 2 Vokalensembles (teilweise mit Audio-Partituren), Schlagwerk.
Texte von Anne Waldman, Pia Palme.


KEMPELEN’S RING (2012)    >>> more

for a mobile-phone, Kempelen’s talking machine and electronics
(ringtone for wienmodern 2012)


CANTU FOLIATO (2012)    >>> more 

toolkit for voices SATB, headphones and optional live-electronics,
4 up to 20 singers.
With words by Anne Waldman, from Iovis.


LIP OF THE REAL (2012)    >>> more

for voice (mezzosoprano with throat-microphone), percussion and electronics.
With texts by Margret Kreidl, Anne Waldman and Palme.


DER KÜHNERE ENTSCHLUSS. (2011)    >>> more

Entwurf für Stimme, Oboe da Caccia, Elektronik und die Sprechmaschine von Kempelen.
Auftragswerk für das Festival Klangspuren Tirol.


ESHQ close-up (2011)    >>> more

for Oboe da Caccia Solo
(composed for the project FERNRAUM at e_may 21011)



Electronic composition,
co-composed in cooperation with Electric Indigo,
electronic music for theatre composed on demand.


HIER NICHT FORT (2010)    >>> more

für Mezzosopran, Stimme, Englischhorn, Streichtrio, Elektronik und die Sprechmaschine von Kempelen.
Auftragswerk für das Festival e_may.


AX.WHO. (2009)       >>> more

für Viola, Violoncello, Kontrabass, Subbassblockflöte und Live-Elektronik, Synthesizer, Innenklavier.
UA bei Reihe Im Loth und e_may 09, 14.5.2009, Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio Saal


VARIETIES (2009)       >>> more

für zwei Solostimmen und großen gemischten Chor,
experimentelle Konzeptkomposition
UA im Rahmen einer MAK NITE© im MAK Wien, 29.9.2009
Eingebettet in eine raumgreifende interdisziplinäre Installation mit Irene Pichlhöfer in den Ausstellungshallen im MAK


EXHIBIT #ONE (2009)     >>> more

für historische Sprechmaschine mikrofoniert, Stimme und Live-Elektronik
Auftraggeber: IMA Institut für Medienarchäologie.


LE POMPE (2009)

Musterblatt für 13 SpielerInnen
für 4 Trios (oder mehr SpielerInnen) jeweils Sopran- Alt-, Tenor- und Bassblockflöten, 
Perkussion (Wood Blocks in 5 Tonhöhen).
Form und Länge kann von den SpielerInnen über Partiturmodule gestaltet werden.
Dauer: 4 bis 12 Minuten, wählbar


ORTUNG des Paradieses (2008)

für Stimme, Subbassblockflöte und Live-Elektronik, Kontrabass, Perkussion
Grafische Partitur, Textarrangement
Texte: Künstler der Villa Gugging / Ernst Herbeck, August Walla, Arnold Schmidt
Dauer: 50 Minuten
Optional dazu: Performance von Yoshie Maruoka

Foto: David Palme