AX.WHO. (2009)

AX.WHO. (2009)

for mixed ensemble including electronics or computer,
with optional performance elements

duration 26 minutes
with texts by Toshio Nakae (*1933, Japan) from “Vocabulary List Number One”

The piece is about five states of mind and respective modes of perception, action, and emotion. The five states are represented through the letters A,X,W,H,O. The piece is notated through a graphic score plus written/verbal instructions. No conduction, by timeline only. The graphic score and idea remain unchanged, the verbal instructions must be arranged for and given specifically to an ensemble for the performance. The instructions depend on the number of performers and the available instruments.

1. Realisation 05/2009 

for vla, vcl, db
contrabass recorder with feedback, synthesizer, inside piano

Pia Palme, concept and composition
Yoshie Maruoka, performance and text recitation
Velli Vandulaki, paper sculptures
Gen Seto, analogue projection


Alexander J. Eberhardt, viola
Margarethe Deppe, vcl
Bernhard Ziegler, db
Electric Indigo, synthesizers and electronics
Pia Palme, contrabass recorder and feedback
Juun, inside piano

Premiered 14/05/2009 at Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio Saal,
festival e_may 09 and series Im Loth


Fotos by David Palme

2. Realisation 08/2009
Citadel, Wellington, NZ, 04/08/2009

AXE.WHO.TREE.  (2009)

for vla, bassoon, guitar, piano, synthesizer,
contrabass recorder and feedback, voice

with texts by Toshio Nakae (Japan)
in English translation by Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, arranged by Pia Palme

Dylan Lardelli, guitars (NZ)
Ben Hoadley, bassoon (NZ)
Nicholas Hancox, viola (NZ)
Donald Nicholson, piano (NZ)
Phil Brownlee, synthesizer (NZ)
Pia Palme, contrabass recorder & electronics (Austria)
Voice: Nicky Clegg (NZ)