November 5 and 6/2021, 20:00 @FAHRBEREITSCHAFT – teilelager
Herzbergstraße 40–43, 10365 Berlin
MUSIC FOR a house + a street

Ensemble Berlin KNM presents new works by Julio Estrada, Laure M. Hiendl, Carlos Iturralde, Bum Ki Kim, Fang-Yi Lin, Wei-Chih Liu, Chao-Ming Tung, Pia Palme, Ana Maria Rodriguez and others. With the premiere of my new text piece ZELLWÄRTS commissioned by the KNM ensemble.

During the Öres 21 Exhibition from 20.6. to 30.9.2021 the on-site performance Fern Bowl Piece (2018) that was recorded during my residency on the island Örö is shown Online.

17/09/2021 Salon Praterstraße, 20:00
1020 Wien, Praterstraße 17

Vom Finden und Filtern extended
Wie aus der Fülle ein Gedicht wird, das in die Leere führt

in Kooperation mit der Schule für Dichtung sfd und dem Salon

Mit Eva Lavric, Ralph Klever (Konzeption, Kommentare, Workshop)
Pia Palme (Musik), Charley Eybl (Kamera, Schnitt)

September 10/2021 #Ars Electronica  Linz
at Kepler’s Gardens, outside Kepler Hall
As part of the Big Concert Night 19:30 – 21:00
Music from the IMA Archive / With Beatriz Ferreyra, Pia Palme, Andrea Sodomka, curated by Elisabeth Schimana.

Links: Große Konzertnacht

Featuring my piece EXHIBIT #1 (2009) for Kempelen’s ‘Sprechmaschine’ [reconstructed by Jakob Scheid] plus Pia Palme – electronics, with Gina Mattiello  – voice & with a text from Bernadette Schiefer.

August 11/2021, 19:20 @isaSCIENCE
Summer academy of the mdw Vienna at Reichenau, Austria
Lecture performance Pia Palme
Feministing the ZKM or How to Establish a Musical Ecosystem beyond the Canon

Link to isaSCIENCE

Very happy to announce that the Austrian Radio OE1 presents an extended feature as a three-part series about my work as composer and about the artistic research project On the Fragility of Sounds at the Kunstuniversität Graz under my direction.

July 15/2021, 23:03 – 24:00 (MESZ)

Zeit-Ton Radio OE1 & online
Marie-Therese Rudolph presents:
Composer’s Portrait Pia Palme. Auf vielseitig verschlungenen Wegen.
Listen under

July 16/2021, 23:03 – 24:00 (MESZ)

Zeit-Ton Radio OE1 & online
Presented by Astrid Schwarz
On the Fragility of Sounds (1)
Ein Rückblick auf das künstlerische Forschungsprojekt “On the Fragility of Sounds”
With music by Elisabeth Schimana, Séverine Ballon, Elaine Mitchener, Electric Indigo (commissioned by On the Fragility of Sounds) and an excerpt of Wechselwirkung by Pia Palme. With, among others, the ensembles Schallfeld, Phace, and soprano Juliet Fraser.
Listen under

July 18/2021, 22:05 – 23:00 (MESZ)
Zeit-Ton Radio OE1 & online
Presented by Astrid Schwarz
On the Fragility of Sounds (2). Christina Lessiak empfiehlt.

Listen under

Séverine Ballon and ensemble Schallfeld performing at Schaumbad Graz, June 2021. Foto by Palme.


June 30/2021 at 19:00 @Schaumbad, Graz
The Fragility of Sounds Concert Night
with Séverine Ballon, Pia Palme and Ensemble Schallfeld.

Lorenzo Derinni, Violine
Francesca Piccioni, Viola
Myriam Garcia Fidalgo, Violoncello
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Kontrabass

Séverine Ballon, Violoncello
Pia Palme, Bassblockflöte

Eintritt gegen freie Spende

Das Konzert ist Teil des künstlerischen PEEK Forschungsprojektes On the Fragility of Sounds (2019 – 2021) an der KUG Kunstuniversität Graz, Zentrum für Genderforschung | FWF PEEK AR537. Gefördert vom FWF Austrian Science Fund. 

June 16/2021 02:00 PM, London
Zoom class Pia Palme
WITH – Towards an ecology in music
@ CRiSAP Sound Arts, London College of Communication,
University of the Arts London

For more events concerning artistic research at the University for Music and Performing Arts Graz, please look at my research project website
for current updates.

Saturday, 29 May 2021, 6 pm
KNM’s Salon #2 – Historical Instruments in Contemporary Music
Stream fom KNM’s Garage 51 | Fahrbereitschaft Berlin

Moderation: Dr. Liam Cagney
Guests: Dr. Pia Palme, Komponistin (AUT)  |  Chao-Ming Tung, Komponist (TWN)  |  Matthew Conley, Musiker (USA/DEU)

Pia Palme : KREIDEBLEICH (2019-2021)ma piece for harpsichord with microtonal tuning and preparations, version #4 (2021) with video, Sonja Leipold, Cembalo
Ana Maria Rodriguez : Piedras for contrabass clarinet, baroque trumpet and live-electronics
Ensemble KNM Berlin

Thursday, March 18/2021 – 5 PM [CET/UTC+1] Online Event

The Fragility of Sounds Lecture Series
Summary & Lecture #9

This is the final presentation in the series of lectures I curated with Christina Lessiak as part of my artistic research.

Pia Palme:
WITH. The significance of a preposition in my practice.

More about the series here >>>

March 8 to 14/2021 – online
Radio OE1 Radiokolleg – Jobprofil: Komponistin
with Marie-Therese Rudolph, featuring an interview with Pia Palme

Online Streaming from January 13th 2021, 8PM
to February 13th 2021, 8 PM

Wien Modern and Fragility of Sounds present
WECHSELWIRKUNG – an experimental music theatre

The film of the piece by Michaela Schwentner was available from 13 January until 13 February.

January 19/2021 – 8:00 PM Online Event @echoraum Vienna
Livestream unter

entfernte freund*innen
oder: mit objekten zu sich an instrumenten für andere im raum durch einander >>>

An evening of sonic explorationsand new works with
Pia Palme bass recorder, video performance & electronics
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka double bass & electronics
Sonja Leipold harpsichord & preparations & objects

December 9/2020 – Streaming Concert 7:30 PM

Songs from a Distance

Portrait Concert Pia Palme >>>

at the OENB Austrian National Library, Musiksammlung
with Anna C. Hauf, Molly McDolan,
ensemble airborne extended
(Caroline Mayrhofer, Tina Zerdin, Elena Gabbrielli, Sonja Leipold)

Juliet Fraser by David Visnjic

13.-15./11/2020 WUK Projektraum Vienna
in cooperation with Wien Modern festival and ensemble PHACE

A montage for the Anthropocene

A piece for singer, dancer, electronics and instrumental ensemble
world premiere 60’
by Pia Palme, Paola Bianchi, Juliet Fraser, Irene Lehmann, Christina Lessiak − an artistic research collaboration group
as part of the PEEK Project On the fragility of sounds

The piece was premiered without audience and filmed.
Watch the trailer here:

10/October/2020 – 19:30

Café Korb, Art Lounge downstairs
Composer’s Lounge 
with Duo Skweres (Yui Iwata-Skweres – Violine/Tomasz Skweres – Violoncello)
Astrid Rieder (TransArt), Pia Palme, Mia Zabelka.


September 2020
Gallery 12-14 contemporary
12-14 Schleifmühlgasse 1040 Wien

My video Forest#1 featuring oboists Molly McDolan & Ana Inés Feola
with oboe da caccia is part of an installation by Molly McDolan.

24/09/2020  19:00
Hasenherz: Performance im Rahmen der Ausstellung (Des)Orientierung
Molly McDolan & Ana Inés Feola perform
Eins und Doppelt (Pia Palme 2019/2020) 

Discussion with Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond.
Works by Gerburg Neunteufl Pipina Schickaneder, Peter Hoiß & Anderwald & Grond. Curated by Hubert Hasler

Aktionsradius AugartenGaußplatz 11, 1020 Wien
In Erinnerung an Christian Loidl:
Vom Finden und Filtern
Mitwirkende: Monika Heimbach, Christian Katt, Jaan Karl Klasmann, Eva Lavric, Richard Weihs
mit Live-Musik von Pia Palme

This is the first event by Aktionsradius Augarten since the lockdown in March.


Radio orange playlist for Radio Augarten for the feature
Christian Loidl: Schaffensprozess aus Lyrik und Performancekunst
presented by Mischa G. Hendl includes
More Radically (Pia Palme & Rosie Middleton; Text by Pia Palme)
The Sampler and the Drum (Pia Palme & Eric Gingras; Text by Pia Palme)

September 12 to 17/2020
Artistic research & rehearsals

with Juliet Fraser, Paola Bianchi & Dr. Irene Lehmann
in Vienna

A summer full of surprises.


August 2020
UNCOOL Artist Residency, Poschiavo (CH)

I have been invited to be Artist in Residence in August, I travel to the Swiss mountain district Bernina, to the Uncool Residency in Poschiavo (organised and curated by Cornelia Müller). In a year like this, I very much look forward to this unique opportunity – and I hope that everybody stays healthy and everything will work out, including travel.

Public presentations

21/08/2020 – 5 PM Gardini Incantati
Casa Hasler Poschiavo
Trio PLS Palme/Loibner/Stempkowski


12 & 19 & 26 August 2020, 4PM concert series
Oratorio St. Anna, Poschiavo
A Montage of J. S. Bach & Improvisations
Pia Palme Solo, contrabass recorder unplugged

02/08/2020 OE1 series KUNSTRADIO 23:00 – 24:00
presented and curated by Elisabeth Zimmermann
available via webradio until August 8th here:

ISOLATION ISLAND – Reisebericht von einer Dämmerungslinie  (2020)

This is the premiere of my 41 minute radio composition – or should I say radio experiment? – commissioned by KUNSTRADIO. It’s about my experiences and explorations as an artist in residence on Örö, a tiny island in the Finnish archipelago. Woven into field recordings, electronic music, and remixed compositions that were inspired by the residency, I talk and play my contrabass recorder. And, of course, I reflect upon some more recent observations about the  lockdown, which reminded me so much about the exposed and isolated situation in Finland.

Anna Clare Hauf, mezzosoprano
Molly McDolan, Ana Inés Feola, baroque oboe instruments
Ensemble airborne extended:
Caroline Mayrhofer, alto recorder
Elena Gabbrielli, bass flute
Tina Žerdin, harp
Sonja Leipold, harpsichord

Remix and electronic music by Pia Palme
Mastering and radio sound design: Elmar Peinelt, ORF Funkhaus studios
Texts by Pia Palme written on Örö, Finland 2018 and in Vienna 2020

Thanks to the Örö Residency Programme, SKE Austro mechana, FWF Austrian Science Fund, BMKOES Ministry for supporting this work.

Derzeit arbeite ich an meinem neuen Musiktheaterstück WECHSELWIRKUNG, das im November bei Wien Modern uraufgeführt wird, mit u.a. Juliet Fraser, Paola Bianchi und dem Ensemble PHACE im Projektraum WUK.

Currently, I compose my new music theatre WECHSELWIRKUNG. Premiere planned in November with Wien Modern 2020, with ensemble PHACE at Projektraum WUK. Artistic research conducted in collaboration with Paola Bianchi, Juliet Fraser, and Christina Lessiak. 

May 12/2020 – 20:00
>>> echoraum Wien will be moved tba.
Die Blaue Stunde
with Séverine Ballon, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Pia Palme,
ensemble Schallfeld

May 7/2020 – 23:00-24:00
Radio feature in the OE1 series ZEITTON
about the project Fragility of Sounds
presented by Astrid Schwarz

May 7 & 8/2020
Festival Fragility of Sounds
Kunstuniversität Graz
(including a premiere of my piece for voice, dance & ensemble with ensemble Schallfeld)

April 29/2020
Portrait concert Pia Palme
@ONB Austrian National Library
with Anna C. Hauf,
ensemble airborne extended, Molly McDolan

April 1/2020
Workshop Pia Palme @ University of Sydney, Australia
and research collaboration
with the Composing Women programme
and Prof. Liza Lim at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

March 31st, 8pm / Make It Up Club Melbourne
online concert#2
Michelle Nguyen/electronics
Oz Kesik/electronics
Maz Benjemaa/guitar
Pia Palme/contrabass recorder

March 26/2020
Workshop Pia Palme @ Monash University, Melbourne
and collaboration with Prof. Cat Hope, Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music

My article
Performing Gender as Polyphony
is published in the book

Irene Lehmann, Katharina Rost, Rainer Simon (Eds.)
Staging Gender –
Reflexionen aus Theorie und Praxis der performativen Künste
Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2019

Happy about this release by the brilliant Rhodri Davies
featuring an ensemble performance I took part in.

February 10 – 15/2020
Research period
Wechselwirkung #1
Juliet Fraser, Paola Bianchi, Pia Palme in Vienna

December 12 & 13/2019 – 20:00
off-Theater, Vienna

December 14/2019 – 20:00

Theater im Palais, Graz

MATTETOLINE (Palme 2019)
music-theatre performance

with Annette Schönmüller, Manuel Alcaraz-Clemente,
Pia Palme, Christina Bauer,
Peter Venus

Photography: Barbara Pálffy

November 17th/2019 15:00
Pia Palme performs MORE RADICALLY #2 (Palme 2019)
solo for spoken text and bass recorder
Paris, Cathédrale Américaine,
Concert à l’occasion du 30ème anniversaire de la fin de la guerre froide et de la libération de l’Europe centrale

11-15th November 2019
Orpheus Instituut Ghent
I participate in the Orpheus Research Summit 2019

October 31st/2019
Royal Holloway Concerts
Trio Atem with Nina Whiteman performs

From September 15th to October 19th 2019
I participate as composer/performer in the
Banff Residency for Performing Arts, Early Fall
at the Banff Centre of the Arts, Canada.

The residency is funded by the FWF Austrian Science Fund
PEEK Project AR537 On the fragility of sounds.

October 18th/2019 7:30 PM
Banff centre of the Arts, Canada, Rolston Hall

Skinpaperfragility (Palme, Banff 2019)

for spoken text, bass recorder, a membrane paper score & silent video
with Pia Palme, bass recorder, voice &
Jane Gowan, paper performance
@Participants Concert Banff

video still

video still

paper score installation

score & choreography for percussion performer

4th October/2019 7:30 PM
Banff Centre of the Arts, Canada, Rolston Hall
MORE RADICALLY (Pia Palme, Banff 2019)
for voice, bass recorder, spoken text, and silent video

with Pia Palme, bass recorder, texts and Rosie H. Middleton, voice
@Participant’s Concert Banff Centre of the Arts

27th September/2019 7:30 PM
Banff Centre of the Arts, Canada, Rolston Hall
The Drum and the Sampler (Palme & Gingras, Banff 2019)

Composition and performance by
Pia Palme (concept, composition, bass drum)
& Eric Gingras (composition, sampler)
@Participant’s Concert Banff Centre of the Arts



I work on a new music theatre performance as part of
the artistic research project On the fragility of sounds.
Composing and researching, I evaluate the artistic process that took place since the project start in March.

Project website:

02/07/2019 Radio OE1 Zeitton

Fokus Komponistinnen im 21. Jahrhundert

Musicologist Marie-Therese Rudolph reports on the
UNESCO conference Être Compositrice in Paris 2019
and features an excerpt of the
lecture-performance Pia Palme & Elisabeth Harnik
held at the beginning of the conference.

Also, listen to Ute Wassermann performing in
Patterns to punctuate song, with darkness (Palme 2016)

Link to the entire programme

20/06/2019 University of Huddersfield

Performing a feminist utopia:
music theatre as democratic practice


Paper presentation by Pia Palme and Christina Lessiak
about the Project On the fragility of sounds FWF AR 537
held at the Study Days
Music and Democracy: Beyond Metaphors and Idealisation

Convenors: Igor Contreras Zubillaga and Robert Adligton
University of Huddersfield, 20-21 June 2019

17/06/2019 19:00 Mumuth
KUG Kunstuniversität Graz



a performance with voices, instruments, electronics, video

Auftakt zum PEEK Forschungsprojekt On the Fragility of Sounds

Anna Clare Hauf, Stimme
Molly McDolan, Ana Inés Feola, Oboe & Oboe da Caccia
Pia Palme, Bassblockflöte & Stimme

Ensemble airborne extended
Caroline Mayrhofer, Blockflöten
Elena Gabbrielli, Querflöten
Sonja Leipold, Cembalo
Tina Žerdin, Harfe

Projektvorstellung: Christina Lessiak, Pia Palme
Pia Palme, Konzept & Komposition

Eintritt frei


V:NM Festival Graz

Friday 31/05/2019 16:30 IEM / KUG
Inffeldgasse 10, 8010 Graz Graz

We say we sound
a performative experiment

Johann Seitinger, Laura Zöschg, Ana Čop,
Urban Pfeifer, Svitlana Varava, Pia Palme

idea & workshop: Pia Palme

Saturday 01/06/2019  20:00 Forum Stadtpark
Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

Duo & Trio & Quintett
Silvia Bruckner – piano
Elisabeth Flunger – percussion
Pia Palme – recorders
Thomas Lehn – analogue synthesizer
Thomas Stempkowski – upright bass

26/05/2019 10:48 Uhr
Reihe 10:48 im Kubinhaus Zwickledt, OÖ

Reiseberichte aus der Stille

Molly McDolan/Konzept, Oboeninstrumente, Rezitation
Pia Palme/Komposition, Bassblockflöte, Stimme

Musik von Clara Gervais, Pia Palme, Molly McDolan
Texte von John Cage, Pia Palme

04/05/2019 Brick 5
aNOther festival – Borderline


a lecture performance by Pia Palme solo,
with texts, electronics, contrabass recorder, video
(Texte in Deutsch)

Thanks to ISCM Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik.
Funded by FWF Austrian Science Fund Project AR537

24/04/2019,  8 pm, echoraum
Sechshauser Straße 66, 1150 Wien, (01) 812 02 09 30 >>> echoraum

dusk songs
oder lieder im morgengrauen #1

Anna Clare Hauf, voice
Molly McDolan, oboe instruments
Ensemble airborne extended : Caroline Mayrhofer, recorders;
Elena Gabbrielli, flutes; Tina Žerdin, harp

Paola Bianchi, choreography & dance
Christina Bauer, sound design
Pia Palme, concept & composition

A post-residency concert & kick-off performance
of the FWF research project
On the fragility of sounds

A story about a personal journey to a remote island.
A performance, in times of transition,
to celebrate the beginning of my research project about music theatre.

“Twigs flap against my face, as I roam through boreal forests on Örö Linnake. I think of my grandfather and grandmother, my heart cracks wide open, with melancholy moods spilling out, drifting towards the twilight shoreline. Longing fills the air, beside crisp smells of sea kale. I listen deeply into the landscape, and into myself.”

wenn nichts ist zur Unterhaltung
musst du hier bleiben
kannst nicht weg
weder zu Fuss noch zu Kopf
wenn, dann zu Herz”

(Örö, im November 2018)

Dusk songs entstand in einer Übergangszeit und markiert zugleich einen Anfang. Im letzten November hat für mich ein künstlerischer und persönlicher Prozess begonnen: den ganzen Monat hindurch lebte ich auf Örö, einer entlegenen, kleinen Insel im finnischen Archipelago. Als Artist in Residence erforschte ich die Insel, konnte dort schreiben, komponieren, üben (mein Instrument reiste mit mir), performen (an unterschiedlichen Orten, meist im Freien), filmen, aufnehmen, beobachten. Im Dämmerungsraum zwischen Herbst und Winter erlebte ich die einsame Landschaft als unerwartet abwechslungsreich und kleinräumig, vielseitig, zugleich ruhig und friedlich. Meinen täglichen Streifzüge brachten mich immer wieder an dieselben Orte, zu denselben Felsen, Buchten, Wäldern, Bäumen, und, ja, Pilzen. Ich entdeckte den Reichtum kleiner Veränderungen und verlor mich im diffusen Licht einer versinkenden, verborgenen Sonne.

Unmittelbar nach der Reise erfuhr ich, dass mein Antrag für ein künstlerisches Forschungsprojekt über Musiktheater vom FWF Austrian Science Fund bewilligt wurde. Unter dem Titel On the fragility of sounds arbeite ich somit, bis 2021, an Kompositionen im Feld Musiktheater, werde Projekte realisieren, weitere Kompositionsaufträge vergeben, sowie gemeinsam mit meiner Mitarbeiterin Christina Lessiak über diesen Prozess reflektieren und schreiben. Untertitel: Musiktheater als feministische Praxis. Für das Projekt springe ich als Komponistin kopfüber in die akademische Welt an der Kunstuni Graz. Die Performance Dusk Songs bringt erste Ergebnisse – oder vielmehr: erste Fragen und Reibungen – auf diesem Weg. Die Choreographin und Tanzperformerin Paola Bianchi wird mich dabei länger begleiten. Der Sängerin Anna Clare Hauf, der Oboistin und Lektorin Molly McDolan sowie dem hervorragendem Ensemble airborne extended und der Klangregisseurin Christina Bauer möchte ich für ihre künstlerische Mitarbeit danken. Da ich von der Barockmusik her komme und von dort vielfach inspiriert bin, ist das eine ideale Besetzung für eine erste Performance im Transit, für einen Ausgangspunkt. Überraschendes trat vor Kurzem über meine Familiengeschichte – genauer: über meinen Großvater väterlicherseits – zutage. Folglich wurzelt Dusk Songs tief in der Vergangenheit und weist zugleich in die Zukunft.

Fotos: Paola Bianchi by Francesco Balestrazzi, Pia Palme by Maria Frodl.

Dank an die SKE / austro mechana und an den echoraum.
Gefördert vom Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Artistic Research Projekt AR537.
Residency unterstützt vom Örö Residency Programme, Arts Council of Finland und Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

12/04/2019,  7 pm
Forum Stadtpark, Graz

Book presentation Dr. Irene Suchy, Dr. Susanne Kogler
Perfomers: Pia Palme, Mia Zabelka

30/03/2019 7:30 pm
Reaktor, 1170 Wien, Geblergasse 40

21/03/2019  7:30 pm
Schloss Großrußbach, Austria

Choir gegenstimmen performs 
STROPHE (Pia Palme 2018)


Paris, various locations
Unesco, Universität Paris-Est, University Sorbonne and Czech Embassy,
Austrian Embassy and Cultural Forum Prag

Colloque être compositrice

Wednesday 13/03/2019  12:00 noon
Performing the Compositional Practice

Elisabeth Harnik / Pia Palme
lecture & piano & electronics & contrabass flute

presented by Marie-Therese Rudolph, musicologist

14/03/2019, 1.10 pm
University of Manchester (UK) Lunchtime Concert Series

Trio Atem
Nina Whiteman, mezzo soprano
Gavin Osborn, flutes
Alice Purton, cello

performs their 10th birthday commission

for mezzo, bass fl, vcl, with a text of mine

Watch here >>>

Friday 08/03/2019   8:00 PM
Festival WIR HABEN EINE WAHL by IMA Institut für Medienarchäologie

Musikperformance von / music performance by Pia Palme
ENTSCHEIDE / The Womb Manifesto

Ein performatives Ritual für Stimme, Kontrabassflöte und Elektronik zur Stärkung von Wahlfreiheit und Entscheidungskraft von Frauen. 

A performative ritual for vocals, contrabass flute, and electronics intended to strengthen woman’s freedom of choice and decision-making power. 

Listen to a sound excerpt here

Will also be covered in Radio Ö1 Zeit-Ton Magazin
Wednesday 06/03/2019  23:03-24:00 by Heinrich Deisl

Upcoming publication: my lecture performance
held at the FAU Erlangen in 2018
Performing Gender as Polyphony

will be published, in the format of an article, as part of the book
Irene Lehmann / Katharina Rost / Rainer Simon (Hg.)
Staging Gender –Reflexionen aus Theorie und Praxis
der performativen Künste

Ensemble gegenstimmen performing
STROPHE (Palme 2018) for mixed choir

as part of their programme
Unsere 20 schönsten Zahn­techniker­Innen­lieder

17/01/2019 20:00 TAG – Theater an der Gumpendorferstraße
18/01/2019 20:00 TAG – Theater an der Gumpendorferstraße
17/02/2019 19:00 KosmosTheater Wien

Ensemble gegenstimmen performing
STROPHE (Palme 2018) for mixed choir

as part of their programme
Unsere 20 schönsten Zahn­techniker­Innen­lieder

18/10/2018 19:30 Bockkeller Wien
19/10/2018 20:00 Musikverein Wien
22/11/2018 20:00 Ehrbar Saal Wien

November 1-30/2018
Örö Residency Programme  |  www.ö

As Artist in Residence
I spend the entire month at Örö, a remote island in Finland
composing, performing, filming, writing.

In cooperation with Wien Modern 2018
Embedded Remote Security Blog

The residency and work is supported by SKE Fonds Austria and the
Örö Residency Programme.



During this residency, I plan to work on a series of outdoor and indoor performances, as well as associated compositions to be performed at a later time. The idea of my performances and experiments is to listen deeply into and at the specific sites, including plant and animal life, and at the same time into my own mind and body. In particular, I want to explore into the connection or conflicts between nature & humanity, warfare & artistic action, military architecture and biological patterns. I intend to look into closeness and distance in communication, working with perception, reflection, and imagination.

How far can I go?
How deep can I listen?
Do I still feel secure?
Can I stay with the trouble, with the precariousness?
Can I stay with the vulnerability and gentleness?

Where does sound find stability?

The proposed performances can be composed of several disciplines, such as music, sound art, field recording, video, installations, texts, and instrumental performance on site (I bring my Kueng-contrabass recorder). In my practice, the elements I compose with react and interact with each other, like living beings. Left alone, they develop a life of their own, in a biological way.

I understand what I do as putting together a hot heap of compost, that is, I bring together artistic and sonic matter – to ‘compose’ means to ‘bring together’. This way, the compositional practice becomes a biological process – composting as an approach towards art.

pia palme by maria frodl

29.10.2018 | 23:03 Uhr | Radio Ö1

Excerpts of the composition MY ROOM, UNTIL YESTERDAY (2017)
are played, among others, in a feature by Dr. Nina Polaschegg.
More about the work can be read here >>>

19/10/2018 @ Musikverein Wien

the amateur choir

premieres my work
STROPHE for mixed choir (Palme 2018)

10/2018 to 04/2019 Wahlbüro XX TÉCHNE
Linzerstrasse 17, St. Pölten

Project and exhibtion
Wir haben eine Wahl

Opening 18/10/2018 6:00 pm

Office Hours: Di, Mi, Do 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm (except public holidays)
Christmas Break: 24 12 2018 – 07 01 2019

Concept: Seppo Gründler, Elisabeth Schimana and Tamara WilhelmExperts: Lenka Kocisova, Karin Macke, Norbert Math, Christian Munk, Pia Palme, Andreas Rathmanner and Markus Wintersberger

Showing my installation & booklet
ENTSCHEIDE (Pia Palme 2018)

26/09/2019 @ MUK Vienna

the composition
for oboe da caccia solo

is performed at MUK Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Wien
at the symposium

12/09/2018 @ QUANTEN – Kammer für Musik | 19:30 Uhr
Siebensterngasse 32-34, 1070 Wien

14/09/2019 @ Kanjiža / Magyarkanizsa, Serbia
Festival KA:JAZZ #23
Where the roots meet contemporary improvised music

Pia Palme | Thomas Stempkowski
contrabass recorder & double bass

08/09/2019, 19:30
Weingut Nittnaus Gols, Austria
Ambitus & Reconsil

Ensemble Reconsil premieres my new work

to defy austerity

a contemporary exercise for ensemble

for trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor trombone, violin, viola, violoncello

08/09/2018, 12:00 Sound brunch @ Lentos museum
as part of IMA’s exhibition Hidden Alliances [06/09 – 30/09]
@ Ars Electronica Linz

I perform
Éliane Radigue’s OCCAM XVIII
for contrabass recorder solo (no electronics, no amplification)

The composition follows an oral score realised in cooperation with Radigue in 2014. I will talk about the work and its realisation afterwards.

An article about the process of the piece can be read here >>>

This summer is extraordinarily hot in Vienna – as in many parts of Europe.
My favourite spot these days, near the city, in the ‘Wiener Hausberge’, and an improvisation performed in a cool studio space.


21/6/2018, 19:00
Künstlerhaus 1050 Vienna

Music performance with contrabass recorder solo
for the opening night of
RED lines – connected by Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki

Photo by Petra Paul

26/05 & 27/05
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Institut für Theater- und Medienwissenschaft

As part of the workshops and performances
Gender on Stage

Saturday 17:00 – 17:45
I present the performance lecture

No Noise is an Island –
Gender als performative Vielstimmigkeit

Kann ein Genderkonzept ‘mit anderen Ohren’ gedacht, komponiert und aufgeführt werden? Die Komponistin Pia Palme erforscht seit Jahren ihre Umgebung über die Wahrnehmung des Hörens. Für ‘No Noise is an Island’ geht sie von der Annahme aus, dass eine feministische Haltung die persönlichen Hörgewohnheiten verändern kann: das Hintergrundrauschen der Gesellschaft wird wahrgenommen, der jeweilige Umgebungsraum in seiner Stille und Tiefe ausgelotet. Die Verletzbarkeit der individuellen menschlichen Existenz wird zum fragilen Klangereignis, zum flüchtigen Geräusch. Körper werden hörbar und interagieren auf akustische Weise. Die Hörwahrnehmung ist ein kreativer und performativer Akt; das Ohr kann die Strukturen menschlicher Interaktionen in ihrer Vielstimmigkeit – samt den darin wirksamen Genderidentitäten – genau, detailliert, flexibel und als Ganzes kartografieren. Mit diesen Themen im Zusammenhang mit der aktuellen Neuverhandlung des Genderbegriffes gilt es, performativ zu experimentieren.

Die Künstlerin mischt dafür theoretische Untersuchungen mit Elementen des Storytelling sowie elektronische mit instrumentaler Musik. Ein Video über eine Insel aus Gras inmitten in einer Regenlache dient als Angelpunkt für einen vielfältigen Diskurs – über das Hören als feministische Praxis, über die Erforschung innerer und äußerer Klang- und Körperwelten und über den Kompositionsvorgang als politische Handlung. Die Komponistin stellt die Körperlichkeit der Performance der Entkörperung im digitalen Alltag gegenüber; sie präsentiert mit den Mitteln heutiger Musik ein Modell für ein polyphones Genderkonzept, das zugleich fließend und präzise sein kann.

04/05 & 05/05 CREAU, 1020 Wien 20:00
Salon d’Amour

among others,
aka Molly McDolan (baroque oboes) &
Pia Palme (contrabass recorder & electronics)

perform in this production of the aktionstheater ensemble

With Michaela Bilgeri, Silvi Spechtenhauser, Ursula Knoll, Ansari Puneh, Claudia Virgina / Dornwittchen), das Schrei, Bis eine heult, 10:30 (Molly McDolan, Pia Palme), Saedi, Chor der schweigenden Männer: Fabian Schiffkorn, Thomas Kolle, Andreas Jähnert, Sasha Jähnert, Benjamin Vanyek, Florian Haderer
Konzept / Idee: Martin Gruber / Martin Ojster

Sunday, 15/04/2018,  20:00 on time
Neue Musik St. Ruprecht
Ruprechtskirche / Ruprechtsplatz 1 / 1010 Wien

Disputable Divas – die Stimme in der Moderne
Ein Projekt von Ensemble Schallfeld mit Annette Schönmüller

Ensemble Schallfeld
Szilárd Benes, Klarinette / Bassklarinette
Davide Gagliardi, Elektronik / Klangregie
Nikolaus Feinig, Kontrabass

Solistin: Annette Schönmüller, Stimme

perform my work THREE NOISES (2017)
among works by Luciano Berio, Elisabeth Harnik, Katharina Klement, Pauline Oliveros,
and Lorenzo Troiani

Sunday 15/04/2018, 7 PM

No Noise is an Island

Performance-lecture Pia Palme solo

Friday, 13/04/2018  8PM
Chapter Arts, Cardiff

Transversal Time by Rhodri Davies

Rhodri Davies (Harp)
Ryoko Akama (Electronics)
Sarah Hughes (Zither)
Sofia Jernberg (Vocals)
Pia Palme (Contrabass recorder)
Lucy Railton (Cello)
Pat Thomas (Piano, Electronics)
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (Bassoon)
Adam Parkison (Programming)

Wednesday, 21/03/2018  10:00 – 16:00
MUK Privatuniversität für Musik und Kunst Wien
1010 Johannesgasse 4

I give workshops and a
lecture performance

No noise is an island

including the new piece
Aus der Nähe (2018) für oboe da caccia
performed by Ana Inés Feola

Thursday 15/03/2018  8 PM
The Fruitmarket Gallery
45 Market Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Gavin Osborn | flutes
Nina Whiteman | mezzo soprano
Alice Purton | cello



and works by Fabrice Fitch and Gavin Osborn

Two new scores are now ready to be performed later this year.

STROPHE for mixed choir 

was commissioned by the Vienna-based choir Gegenstimmen. The ensemble connects people who love to sing and think politically. The text for STROPHE was provided by the choir, it was compiled from texts the singers had written. For the short and minimal composition, my focus was to organise and sculpt the singers as a social body. The choir becomes a community that vocally contracts and expands, and is at times synchronised, at other times not, sometimes in unison and sometimes divided into separate strings of voices with different sonic roles that keep changing. Organic minimalism?

AUS DER NÄHE for oboe da caccia solo

Here, I take up an idea that had grown into a couple versions between 2011 and 2014 and bring it into a new form. I’m very much looking forward to hearing this one live; I love the baroque oboe instruments. The sheer haptic experience of the oboe da caccia is a feast: the curved instrument is coated with black leather. Also, thanks to the oboist and caccia-performer Molly McDolan, with whom I collaborated on a number of occasions; her expertise and marvellous instrument once again inspired the work.

Friday 26/01/2018, 7.30 pm
Rymer Auditorium, University of York Music Department

Gavin Osborn as curve through points to see (2017)
Fabrice Fitch Per Serafino Calbarsi (2002–)
Rob Corrin cracks and things (2017)
Nina Whiteman House of Mazes (2017)

Friday 19/01/2018, 8:30/9:00 pm
On the Couch @1030 Salesianergasse 10/1 feature

No noise is an island
Performance-Lecture Pia Palme
& Duo Palme/Eberhard

Pia Palme, recorder, electronics
Alexander J. Eberhard, viola, electronics

Wednesday 17/01/2018, 7:30 pm
Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University
Trio ATEM performs

Nina Whiteman House of Mazes (2017)
Matthew Sergeant The Velvet Rage (2017)

My article


was published in
FKW // Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und visuelle Kultur Issue 63, December 2017

Read the article here: Notationen aus Zorn:Palme FKW

Link to journal:

09/12/2017 Forum Stadtpark, Graz 7:30 pm

Annette Schönmüller and Davide Gagliardi (Ensemble Schallfeld) perform

THREE NOISES ohne zu denken singt sie nicht (2017)
for mezzo soprano and speaker installation

in a new version
at Ensemble Schallfeld’s concert Innere Stimme

07/12/2017 University of Durham, Department of Music 7:00 pm
Trio ATEM performs


06/12/2017 Croatian National Radio, 8:00 pm
presents Festival Novalis.
Listen to ensemble Schallfeld performing

version for ensemble & wind machine

Novalis Concerts 2&3 on Radio


23/11/2017 Bates Mill 10:30 pm
hcmf Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

With the Kueng contrabass recorder, I will perform as part of

Rhodri Davies: Transversal Time (World Premiere)

Ryoko Akama electronics
Rhodri Davies harp
Sarah Hughes zither
Catherine Lamb viola
Stine Janvin Motland vocals
Pia Palme contrabass recorder
Pat Thomas piano / electronics
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval bassoon
Adam Parkinson programming

10/11/2017 Splendor, Amsterdam

Elise Schimana, Anne La Berge, Pia Palme

performing works by Éliane Radigue, Elisabeth Schimana, Anne La Berge, Pia Palme
showing IMAfiction eliane radigue, IMAfiction anne la berge

I will perform

The Vertical Ear: Charting the White Spaces of Listening (2017)
for contrabass recorder, texts, electronics, video


Éliane Radigue, OCCAM XVIII for contrabass recorder solo

video still ‘The vertical ear’

7/11/2017 Odeon Wien
Festival Wien Modern
in cooperation with ISCM Austria/Junge Musik and Musikschule Wien

minimalist music theatre
for/with 14 performers between 7 – 19 years 

idea, production & direction: Pia Palme
for voice, 2 accordions, harpsichord, piano,
3 solo recorders, recorder quintet, percussion, electronics, video

with texts and video in cooperation with the performers

Commissioned by IGNM and supported by BKA Austria
Masks in cooperation with Wintercroft UK


MY ROOM, UNTIL YESTERDAY part of the ensemble

17/11/2017 Remise Bludenz 20:00
BTzM Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik

Quartetto Maurice
Laura Bertolino, Aline Privitera,
Georgia Privitera, Francesco Vernero

premiere my new work commissioned by BTzM

for string quartet, zuspielung & video

together with works by Yukiko Watanabe, Alexander Chernyshkov, Joanna Bailie.

video still KREISUNG

Program note

“Für dieses Werk umkreise ich einen überaus großen Baum, eine gewaltige Platane. Dieses alte Lebewesen steht inmitten einer grünen Senke in einem Randbezirk von Wien, umringt von pastellfarbenen Häusern aus den Fünfzigerjahren (zum Großteil Sozialbauten der Gemeinde Wien, die bis zu neun Stockwerke hoch sind). Der Baum bildet ein mächtiges und doch ruhiges Zentrum, er füllt den Kreis der Bauten und ragt darüber hinaus in den Himmel. Er ist ein Relikt einer einst weiten Gartenlandschaft, die an dieser Stelle im 19. Jahrhundert angelegt wurde und mittlerweile längst zerteilt und verbaut ist. Der Bach zu seinen Wurzeln ist eingehäust; unbemerkt rinnt das Wasser heute tief unter den Häusern Stadt. Ich umrunde den Baum, ziehe engere Kreise. Stiller ist es hier und kühl, eine feuchte Frische steigt vom Boden auf und weckt ein fernes Bild einer Landschaft aus einer anderen Zeit. Die wuchtige Kraft der Platane berührt mich, ich horche hinter den Lärm der Stadt. Die feine Stimme der Sehnsucht durchbricht das Hintergrundrauschen der Vergänglichkeit. Unter der zerfurchten Rinde steigt meine Wut hinauf bis in die höchsten Äste und tanzt mit den Blättern im Wind.”



International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

University of Leeds

10th birthday commission for trio Atem

Trio Atem
Nina Whiteman, mezzo soprano
Gavin Osburn, flutes
Alice Purton, violoncello

perform the WP of my new work

for mezzo soprano, bass flute and violoncello
[text by Pia Palme]

together with works by Mic Spencer, Gavin Osborn, Elizabeth Ditmanson, Rob Corrin, Nina Whiteman.


Program note

This work is written along the mechanisms of perception and listening, as observed by the composer during her process of working. The vocal part features fractured voice personalities: in a very personal way, Pia Palme re-composes ficticious inner and outer soundscapes. Intimate thoughts are voiced, hidden voices become audible, the “space between her ears” is amplified and appears as a noisy counterpart to the singing voice. In a format that draws on the baroque bass continuo structure, the solistic vocal part contrasts the cello part, with the bass flute hovering in between: the flute merges the flow of breath, articulation (an activity that connects to the speaking voice and happens in one’s mouth, in one’s body cavities) and instrumentality. Palme’s English and German text reflects on how perception, dreams, and imagination are fired by a deep longing to connect to the world. 

28-30/09/2017 ZKM Karlsruhe/Kubus

I will perform at the opening night at 19:30 of the
RESONANT WORLDS: Sound, Art & Science / ISACS 2017


solo-performance with contrabass recorder, electronics & video

lecture & storytelling

details TBA on:

video still Pia Palme

video still

The independent festival for art and music
Paraflows Vienna
1090 Wien, Garnisongasse 7

presents my current solo-performance
with contrabass recorder, electronics & video

Studie zu/Investigation into
Vertical Ears.
Charting the white spaces of listening. (2017)

lecture & storytelling

Festival Klangspuren Tirol/Pilgerwanderung
presents two works of mine on this day.

This is a day of hiking together, and listening to concerts on the way.
Great scenery, great mountains, and new  sounds.

Claudia Cervenca / Joan La Barbara, voice
Schallfeld Ensemble

10.30, Pfarrkirche Going*)
Performers: Ensemble Schallfeld

für Ensemble und Windmaschine, mit Text

*) Going is a village in Tirol.

18.00 Uhr, Pfarrkirche Hl. Josef, Itter
HOMMAGE À JOAN LA BARBARA (curated by Claudia Cervenca)

Claudia Cervenca will perform
my new work

Three Noises (2017)
for voice & electronic playback
[Homage to Morton Feldman and Joan La Barbara]

Other works by Anahita Abbasi and Joan La Barbara herself!


8 & 9/09/2017
Ultima Festival Oslo

OCCAM Ocean by Éliane Radigue

Rhodri Davies (harp)
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (bassoon)
Pia Palme (contrabass recorder)
(curated by Rhodri Davies)

Sept. 8th:

OCCAM XIII (2015) for bassoon
OCCAM XVIII (2014) for contrabass-recorder
OCCAM I (2011) for solo harp

Sept. 9th:

OCCAM RIVER XIII (2015) duo for bassoon and harp
OCCAM RIVER VI (2014) duo
for contrabass-recorder and harp

Both concerts sold out already!

No noise is an island

I’m in the Q-O2 workspace in Brussels for a residency.
To read about my experiences, reflections, and work,
visit my blog >>>


28/08/2017 Zadar, Croatia
30/08/2017 Zagreb, Croatia

Novalis Festival Croatia
Ensemble Schallfeld
performs my work

for ensemble, electronics and video

Videostill by Pia Palme

Post-residency performance

For contrabass recorder, voice, texts, video & electronics
Duration: 50 Minutes

Q-O2 workspace, Brussels


From 18-30/08/2017 I am

Artist in Residence at Q-O2
workspace for experimental music and sound art,

In the heat of this summer, I’m working on/finishing/rehearsing a number of projects and commissions for fall.

Looking forward to festivals Klangspuren Tirol, Ultima Norway, Wien Modern, hcmf and a cooperation with Rhodri Davies, to ensemble Schallfeld (Zagreb, festival Novalis in Zadar, and in Going – yes, that’s a village in Tirol), Claudia Cervenca (Tirol), Trio ATEM and Nina Whiteman (premieres in Leeds, Manchester…), ZKM (a multimedia lecture-performance), Bludenz, an artist-residency in Bruxelles… and more…

So, here I’m wearing the doctoral garment and hat
for the official ceremony at the university.


doctoral selfie


Friday, May 26th, 7 PM
ESC Medienkunstlabor Graz

trio palme/wassermann/maierhofer-lischka @ V:NM Festival Graz

Pia Palme – contrabass recorder
Ute Wassermann – voice
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka – double bass

A great festival of experimental and new music from May 24th – 27th, various locations in Graz.

Pia Palme by Maria Frodl

My last performance at moe

before it closes down on Sunday…

Tuesday, May 23rd, 20:30
moe Vienna, 1170 Thelemanngasse 4

quartet palme/flunger/winston/mcdolan @ VELAK GALA #94

Pia Palme – contrabass recorder, video, texts
Juna Winston – trombone
Molly McDolan – baroque oboe, oboe da caccia
Elisabeth Flunger – percussion objects

Morton’s ancient cashier desk



Several commissions wait to be composed, what a change from writing theory. Exposed to the uncontrollable wilderness of imagination.



Electric Indigo, electronic composer and artist, founder of the female:pressure network, chose my timeline sketch AX.WHO. (2009) as the artwork of the month presented in The Wire (issue May 2017).

Female: Pressure
Electric Indigo
The Wire

Listen to AX.WHO.

I am happy and grateful to announce
that I finished my PhD at the University of Huddersfield, a doctor of philosophy in composition by practice and theoretical research.
The title of my thesis is


The noise of mind:
A feminist practice in composition


Huge thanks to my supervisor Prof. Liza Lim and second supervisor Prof. Monty Adkins, to my examiners Prof. Aaron Cassidy and Dr Salomé Voegelin, to the staff and colleagues at university for the lively exchange about music and art, culture, philosophy and political issues over the last years. During part-time research at the University of Huddersfield over the last years (including  artistic experiments, performances, symposia, and festivals) I gained a wider understanding of contemporary music and composition in general and of my own process as a composer in particular, and found new territories in my own work.

Monday, February 13th, 7 pm
Porgy&Bess Vienna, Riemergasse 11 – 1010 Wien / Tel.: o1 512 88 11
series Lost & Found (directed by Renald Deppe)

Pia Palme solo
WEISSE HÖRGEBIETE – ein feministischer Atlas des Hörens

[with video, electronics, contrabass recorder, text & lecture]


In dieser Performance nähere ich mich dem Erbe der großen Komponistin und Hörforscherin Pauline Oliveros an, die das Hören als einen politschen Akt bezeichnet hat. Mit Kopf, Körper, Instrument, Stimme und Technik entwerfe ich einen Atlas neuer Hörgebiete aus einer feministischen Haltung heraus. Das persönliche Ohr wird zum politischen Sinnesorgan, mit dem ich meine Umgebung und mein Inneres kritisch erforsche. In den weissen Gebieten auf der Landkarte des Hörens steht die Zeit still, und der Raum weitet sich.

In this performance I recall the eminent composer and researcher into listening Pauline Oliveros, who defined listening as a political act. Using my mind, body, instrument, voice and electronic media I draw a cartography of unknown territories of listening, from a feminist position. My ears, my personal hearing faculties, became political tools of perception which I use to explore my environs and my own inner worlds in a critical way. As I move into blank spaces on the map of listening, time comes to a stop and space widens.

More about the performance can be found here >>>