June 2022 Angewandte

My desk at home. Yes, the snake skin plays an important part in my new performance for the Angewandte Festival. I found it at Saari, during my residence. The video was also filmed at the Saari Residence. If you want to read more about the snakes, go to my blog [WITH] Saari.

29/06/2022 @Sonic Sensibility
Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien

16:00 Panel discussion with Ricarda Denzer, Peter Kutin, Pia Palme and Karl Salzmann, moderated by Elisabeth Falkensteiner
19:00-21:00 performances by Paul Ebhart, Pia Palme, Fabian Lanzmaier.

I present my new performance
In a former post office. A performative ecology
Solo with voice, bass recorder, electronics, video & paper

video still
video still

Consider the old hall: it sounds by itself. In my performance, it is my living collaborator. I ask for their permission. It is alive and speaks with me. It allows me to project my video onto its surface. The hall performs with my instrument, reflecting, resonating, masking sound waves. My voice is with the floor, crawling into the basement. No, this is (not) another kind of animism, it is purely scientific thinking. My breath enters my instrument, flows through the big tube and exits through holes and openings. Softly, my sounding breath touches the walls, the columns, and moves up towards the glass ceiling. I listen to its history. We bow to each other.