KONE 1/2022

@Jussi Virkkumaa/Saari Residence 2022


Saari Residency 3 March to 29 April 2022

WITH [Saari]

On March 3rd I will begin my work at the Saari Residency in Hietamäki near Turku, Finland by invitation of the Kone Foundation – until the end of April. I’m very much looking forward to this stay. My plan is to travel there by car, moving slowly across Europe. I bring instruments, electronic gear, books, and warm clothes. I want to feel the distance, the countries in between Vienna and Turku, and get a taste of the various landscapes. With this journey, I also want to commemorate my grandfather. 

My plan is to compose, to make art and music, and write. The core theme is about bringing ecological ideas into my practice, experimenting with structures that draw on ecosystem ecology and creating compositional concepts that mirror these ideas. I want to listen to, and practice with, the environment and into myself, from an ecofeminist position.