Mattetoline Performance

Mattoteline #1

Solo outdoor piece developed and performed during an artist residency on Örö Linnake Finland, 11/2018.

All over the island, sturdy and foldable metal racks – Finn. mattoteline – are installed near living quarters for hanging carpets or laundry. They serve multiple functions. This mattoteline stands in the middle of the island, near the sauna and a group of cottages that are used by workers. I am attracted to their sound: a multipurpose outdoor version of tubular bells. For performing with the Mattoteline, I use crude wooden beaters that I found in the forest nearby. Handling the pieces of wood, I aim at simple sonic structures.

For recording this performance, I used an AKG contact mic. Listening inside… Outside the weather is around 7° plus a stiff breeze. As I found out when looking at the video later, the wind had shifted my i-phone around on its stand during the recording.

The residency was supported by the Örö Residency Programme and by the SKE Funds Austria. [In the years 2019 and 2020, I developed a number of more extended pieces, starting from this performance.]