Vortrag Muster des Zorns 2015

Hintergründe und Entstehungsprozesse
meiner Kompositionen für Stimme.

Diesen Vortrag habe ich am 21.11.2015 auf Einladung des wienmodern-Symposiums an der mdw Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien gehalten.

This is a lecture I presented at the Wienmodern Symposium at the MDW-University Vienna.

Vortrag als pdf (deutsche Fassung) >>>

mica Portrait 2015

mica Austria

hat ein feines,
Verfasst und sorgfältig recherchiert wurde es von Ruth Ranacher und Michael Franz Woels.
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morgenjournal 27.11. und sepperer Fotos

Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11


General rehearsal on 26th November, photo @ Markus Sepperer.

Interview auf Radio Ö1 im Morgenjournal mit Electric Indigo, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong und mir nach dem Konzert, eine Woche zum Nachhören >>> 

Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11

Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11 Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11 Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11 Screenshot Morgenjournal 27:11

Under elephantine – rehearsal

Premiere of a new piece commissioned by wienmodern:

Under elephantine skin
(to be sung against a continuum of ignorance)


Jakob Huppmann, countertenor
David Bergmüller, theorbo
Molly McDolan, baroque oboe,
Pia Palme, recorders,
Christina Bauer, live-electronics
Visuals by TE-r (Thomas Wagensommerer and Luise Linsenbolz)

More about the composition and performance, texts and background information see under   >>> 


wm #1 2015

26. 11. 2015 – 19:30
Berio Saal Wiener Konzerthaus
Festival wienmodern

Nr. 1 : A Phenomenology of Pop

Pia Palme
UNDER ELEPHANTINE SKIN (to be sung against a continuum of ignorance)
für Countertenor, Theorie, Barockoboe, Blockflöten, Elektronik

Electric Indigo
Barry Duffman für Computer und Elektronik

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
N°1 – Compilation 1: Disco Hurt Me in a Lot of Ways für Schlagzeug, Turntables und Elektronik


Photographer Stefan Fuhrer presents his work during wienmodern. I really appreciate his way of generating the setting of a photography, after taking time to talk to an artist.


Konferenz wm

21. 11. 2015 – 15:00
Festival wienmodern & mdw Wien: Symposion WIEN MODERN
‘Vergiß das populare nicht’. Das Universum Stimme in der Neuen Musik

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Musikalische Stilforschung sowie dem
Institut Antonio Salieri der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien.

Muster des Zorns.
Hintergründe und Entstehungsprozesse
meiner Kompositionen für Stimme.

Alter Konzertsaal am Rennweg, 1030, Rennweg 8 (2. Hof)

prattica Graz

Friday 13. 11. 2015, 20:00 Uhr
ImCubus Minoriten
Graz, Mariahilferplatz

Festival IGNM @ prattica E

a warning commentary on resonance I (2014)
for harp and electronics 

Mona Smale: harp, David Pirrò: electronics and sound


Links zum tollen Programm für Freitag und Samstag in Graz:


11. 11. 2015 – 19:30 Essl Museum
An der Donau-Au 1, 3400 Klosterneuburg

Im Rahmen der Reihe kuratiert von Dr. Irene Suchy
Vom Entdecken der Hände
Musik aktuell 

a warning commentary on resonance III (2015)

Pia Palme & Hans W. Koch


The experimentalists and composers Palme and Koch construct an installation, which they use as an instrument to perform with: an arrangement of three kettle drums, transducers, microphones, speakers, objects, bass-recorders and computers to mix electronic and analogue sounds into a spatial composition.

Zwei ExperimentalistInnen bauen eine Installation aus Pauken, Objekten, Lautsprechern und Transducern, und bespielen diese mit Kontrabassblockflöte, Objekten und Elektronik.

Kooperation von Essl Museum mit Musik aktuell – Neue Musik in Niederösterreich



conversation 2015

Here, I share some thoughts with wonderful Laurence Crane,
about the upcoming project with EXAUDI.

EXAUDI London 2015


17th October 2015, 7:30 pm
The Warehouse, London

Ensemble EXAUDI, James Weeks, director and Mira Benjamin, violin perform new works by Luke Nickel, Pia Palme, Michael Perrett, Charlie Usher. Including the premiere of my piece


A work and text for four singers (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
This piece was composed as part of the Sound and Music Portfolio Programme 2015, which I’m happy to be part of.
I produced a handmade edition for the score.


at VLNA 2015

7th October 2015, 8 p.m.
Bratislava, Festival VLNA

in cooperation with ACF Austrian Cultural Forum



Video still, Pia Palme



Punctuated sound, patterned on silence.


A performance with my new ensemble.

Pia Palme, contrabass recorder & electronics
Claudia Cervenka, voice
Anja Kreysing, accordion
plus: Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, double bass

Sound, texts, objects & video.

The four artists merge imaginative sound performance and experimental music with a playful outlook on texts, folklore and space.

Award ceremony 2015

2nd October 2015, 6 p.m.
At the BKA Federal Chancellery of Austria, the official awards ceremony for the

Outstanding Artist Award for Music 2015

takes place.

echoraum 2015

24th September 2015, 8 p.m.
echoraum Wien
15., Sechshauserstrasse 66

Punctuated sound, patterned on silence

Pia Palme / Claudia Cervenka / Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka

Performing with contrabass recorder, voice,
double bass, electronics, texts, objects & video.


Reconsil at Gols 2015

My new work


for ensemble and a wind-machine,
with a text of mine,
will be premiered:

12th September 2015, 6 p.m.
Gols Weingut Nittnaus, Burgenland, Austria

Ensemble Reconsil in cooperation with Ambitus

New works by Fritz Keil, Rudolf Hinterdorfer, Gutner Waldek, Alexander Wagendristel, Pia Palme, David Kosviner and Elisabeth Harnik.


Rehearsals have already started. I will personally operate the wind-machine, a thoroughly analogue baroque-style theatre-gadget, to re-produce the sound of wind. A number of composers have employed a wind-machine in their pieces, I’d like to mention Schönberg, Milhaud and Cerha here. 

Schrattenberg 2015

Friday, 14th August 2015, 8:30 p.m.


is a project by Pia Palme and Hans W. Koch
working with a kettle-drum, objects, contrabass recorder, electronics via transducers,
presented at hotel pupik

We have been artists in residence
in der Schwarzenberg’schen Meierei
Schrattenberg / Scheifling

Freitag 14. 08.
ab 20:00 konzerte
susanna gartmayer
palme / koch
LSZ (hannes löschel, paul skrepek, martin zrost)
Samstag 15. 08.

slobodan kajkut
flunger / vicard / berghammer
PENDLER (sabine marte, markus marte, oliver stotz)
schrattenberg open, MC hans bilger

Sonntag 16. 08
11:00 matinée in der kapuzinerkirche murau
in zusammenarbeit mit vonbank orgelbau
rost & zrost, orgel, saxofone

Relatively Scary @ ECAS 2015

From 29.5.-18.10.2015
Musikprotokoll & Höhenrausch Linz
at OÖ kulturquartier

Relatively Scary

Pia Palme & Electric Indigo (2014)

The ECAS carousel will be stationed in Linz during that time, at the top platform of the OÖ kulturquartier building, very high up. During the entire time, our compositions will be will be played!

For a taste of the ride (at groundlevel) and the sound go to https://vimeo.com/108734922

award 2015

I acknowledge the receipt of the

Outstanding Artist Award 2015 für Musik

of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (Division of Arts and Culture) in pursuing my compositional work.

lecture performance

Saturday 6 June 2015 Goldsmith University, London http://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=8696

Patterns to punctuate speech, with darkness.

is my lecture-performance mixing live-performance with the instrument, talking, sound and video, which I presented at the

RMA Music and/as Process Study Group 3rd Annual Festival/Conference

This year the Music and/as Process study group extends their focus on practice-led research by hosting a day of practice-led presentations, including compositions and performances, as a mini-festival.

To watch and for more, see under   >>>

radio mai 2015

Friday, May 22nd and Saturday, 23. May 2015
from 23:05 to 6:00 a.m. during the

‘Lange Nacht der Neuen österreichischen Musik’
Neue Konstellationen und neue Projekte beim V:NM Festival. Gestaltung: Franz Josef Kerstinger

Among others, Radio Ö1 presents a live-broadcast
of the trio performance at V:NM Forum Stadtpark

Pia Palme, contrabass recorder /
Elisabeth Harnik, piano /
Noid, cello

spring 2015.1

Thursday, 21 May 2015, 7 p.m
V:NM Festival Graz, Austria

esc medien kunst labor http://esc.mur.at

Premiere of the vocal piece


text & score for voice & movement
for 1 male & 4 female voices


Lori van Gremberghe
Veronika Grießlehner
Svitlana Varava
Johanna Seitinger
Paik Sehyun


Composed for the V:NM festival Graz 2015,
produced with Annette Giesriegl’s class at the Jazz department of Kunstuniversität KUG Graz.

German text & text compilation 
contemplating a passage from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare by Pia Palme, 
with English excerpts from ‘The Waves’ by Virginia Woolf.

More about the piece under >>>

Publication 2015_Drawing

My recent publication

Drawing on Paper, from Mind to Voice

is published by the Cerenem Institute of the University of Huddersfield, in the Cerenem Journal issue #5 May 2015.

Punctuation #2

Patterns to punctuate song, with darkness #2

With this video, I extend my work on aspects of punctuation. I use my punchcard roll for projections. The electronic track is an excerpt of the track for the first piece on punctuation, as below. Some sound material was created with the Kueng contrabass recorder in C with an inside mic; samples recorded while I work with the punch tool are included.


My new piece will be premiered,
commissioned by the festival Salzburg Biennale for Ute Wassermann

Patterns to Punctuate Song, with Darkness

Saturday, March 7th 2015, 21:30,
Salzburg, Kavernen 1595

VoiceXtensions at Salzburg Biennale
Ute Wassermann, voice
Michael Vorfeld, lightning design

More about the piece can be found here >>>

Punctuation 1

Patterns to Punctuate Song, with Darkness.

The piece for Ute Wassermann is finished. Commissioned by the prestigious festival Salzburg Biennale for Ute’s solo presentation, it will be premiered on March 7th 2015.

This is the title for the new piece, which will be: a vocal solo, plus electronics, extended by a ‘score’ made from a plastic punchcard-role for a knitting machine.




I found these two quotations, which have inspired the creative process:

“Punctuation is part of the mechanics of writing” 

Gerard Salton, former Computation Laboratory, Harvard University, in:
‘The Use of Punctuation Patterns in Machine Translation’ 1958.

“You punctuate your speech with nails, with glass, with mirrors, with chrome. With sharpness and always some danger of a stab or a jagged edge. You punctuate your speech with darkness.”

Anne Waldman, in:
‘The Iovis Trilogy. Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment.’ 2011.

Or, my own thoughts in German:

Eine meterlange Partitur auf Lochkartenrollen von Strickmaschinen dient zur Notation und als Objekt; im Stück von Pia Palme sind Punktuation und Musterbildung zentrale Themen. Das Regelwerk der Punktuation strukturiert die Sprache, verhindert Mehrdeutigkeit, und mittels gestanzter Lochkarten lassen sich Maschinen aller Art auf analoge Weise ansteuern. Die Mechanismen der Gewohnheit sind allerdings brüchig, findet die Komponistin, und beschäftigt sich lieber mit Rissen und Löchern, die interessante Blickpunkte freigeben und die Ungewissheit einladen.

FSK show 1/2015

FSK Freies Radio Hamburg bringt:

9.1.2015  Doctore Xyramat: 23:00 – 01:00

Xyramat/Stadtfisch, Damm it Janet, Natasha Barrett, Sonae, Nika Son, Spunk & Joelle Leandre, Tujiko Noriko, Cio D’Or, Furchick, Neybuu, Pia Palme, Shroombab feat. Kitsune, Poetrie Armenita, Paula Temple

unter   >>> http://www.fsk-hh.org