My new work


for ensemble and a wind-machine,
with a text of mine,
will be premiered:

12th September 2015, 6 p.m.
Gols Weingut Nittnaus, Burgenland, Austria

Ensemble Reconsil in cooperation with Ambitus

New works by Fritz Keil, Rudolf Hinterdorfer, Gutner Waldek, Alexander Wagendristel, Pia Palme, David Kosviner and Elisabeth Harnik.!what_we_do/cihc

Rehearsals have already started. I will personally operate the wind-machine, a thoroughly analogue baroque-style theatre-gadget, to re-produce the sound of wind. A number of composers have employed a wind-machine in their pieces, I’d like to mention Schönberg, Milhaud and Cerha here.