BARE BRANCHES at e_may and wien modern

Thursday 25.10.2012  ca. 23:30-24:00
e_may and wien modern at Palais Kabelwerk Wien

BARE BRANCHES (Palme 2012)
Secular Requiem and Rite
to Quench the Longing for Missing Millions

For 2 solo voices, 2 choirs and percussion
in a spatial arrangement

With a libretto by Anne Waldman

Salome Kammer, Annette Schönmüller Solostimmen
Ensemble des Wiener Kammerchores
(Leitung: Michael Grohotolsky)
Ensemble des Wiener JugendChores Musikschule Wien
(Leitung: Andrea Kreuziger)
Schlagwerk: Berndt Thurner (Ensemble PHACE)
Audio Score: Pia Palme
Laptopinstallation: Giuliano Obici

A text about the piece,
the libretto, pages of the score and more can be found here >>>