December 31st, 8:30 pm

I cooperated for the first time with renowned visual artist Doris Schmid in:

Doris Schmid: video/Pia Palme: sound

I worked with a combination of an electronic track and live performance. The theme for the music was membranes and transitional fields. My idea was to compose the music – including live performance – with a strong performative identity, as a juxtaposition to the visual level. I wanted to add yet another layer/dimension to the video present, in space, rather than merely creating a sound-track for a film. As materials, I used field recordings, processed analogue synthesizers, voice/s and my contrabass recorder.

In the first part, I read from texts which I wrote for the performance, while pacing up and down on the left side of the screen on stage. I used a throat microphone and radio transmission to spatialise my voice into the sound system. My compositional aim was to develop a specific dramaturgy of fragmented closeness and width respectively, by structuring differently shaped auditory fields. I merged sounds and musics from the past and the present during performance.

(photo taken by Doris Schmid at DUNKLE ZEITEN)

A recording will soon be available.

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30. + 31. Dezember 2014, 20:30 Uhr
off-Theater 1070 Wien, Kirchengasse 41




präsentiert zum Jahreswechsel an zwei Tagen heutige und elektronische Musik, Installation und Performance und ruft zu einer interdisziplinären Auseinandersetzung über Zwischenkörper auf.

Macht Membranen und Grenzbereiche
sichtbar und hörbar!


Tamara Wilhelm, Barbara Kaiser: Sound/Video/Installation
Ingrid Schmoliner, Caroline Profanter, Vinzenz Schwab: Präpariertes Klavier/Elektroakustik und Spatialisation
Electric Indigo: Processing

Brigitta Bödenauer, Susanna Gartmayer: Elektronik/Kontrabassklarinette Pia Palme, Doris Schmid: Sound/Video
Elisabeth Schimana, Noid: Elektronik/Cello/Transducer

Konzept: Pia Palme
Klangregie: Christina Bauer
Organisation: Verein LAUT + Verena Schäffer

KARTENRESERVIERUNGEN UNTER: 30.12. Bei Bestellung per Email 11€ Restkarten an der Abendkassa zu 15€ 31.12. Bei Bestellung per Email 13€ Restkarten an der Abendkassa zu 20€

Dank an MA7 und BKA für die Unterstützung.

Wednesday, December 10th, 6:30 pm
Coffee Kabin, Huddersfield

13 Minutes Closer To…
Pia Palme, contrabass recorder & video

performing live at: