December 31st, 8:30 pm

I cooperated for the first time with renowned visual artist Doris Schmid in:

Doris Schmid: video/Pia Palme: sound

I worked with a combination of an electronic track and live performance. The theme for the music was membranes and transitional fields. My idea was to compose the music – including live performance – with a strong performative identity, as a juxtaposition to the visual level. I wanted to add yet another layer/dimension to the video present, in space, rather than merely creating a sound-track for a film. As materials, I used field recordings, processed analogue synthesizers, voice/s and my contrabass recorder.

In the first part, I read from texts which I wrote for the performance, while pacing up and down on the left side of the screen on stage. I used a throat microphone and radio transmission to spatialise my voice into the sound system. My compositional aim was to develop a specific dramaturgy of fragmented closeness and width respectively, by structuring differently shaped auditory fields. I merged sounds and musics from the past and the present during performance.

(photo taken by Doris Schmid at DUNKLE ZEITEN)

A recording will soon be available.