December 31st, 8:30 pm

I cooperated for the first time with renowned visual artist Doris Schmid in:

Doris Schmid: video/Pia Palme: sound

I worked with a combination of an electronic track and live performance. The theme for the music was membranes and transitional fields. My idea was to compose the music – including live performance – with a strong performative identity, as a juxtaposition to the visual level. I wanted to add yet another layer/dimension to the video present, in space, rather than merely creating a sound-track for a film. As materials, I used field recordings, processed analogue synthesizers, voice/s and my contrabass recorder.

In the first part, I read from texts which I wrote for the performance, while pacing up and down on the left side of the screen on stage. I used a throat microphone and radio transmission to spatialise my voice into the sound system. My compositional aim was to develop a specific dramaturgy of fragmented closeness and width respectively, by structuring differently shaped auditory fields. I merged sounds and musics from the past and the present during performance.

(photo taken by Doris Schmid at DUNKLE ZEITEN)

A recording will soon be available.

141214_flyer_PRINT copy


30. + 31. Dezember 2014, 20:30 Uhr
off-Theater 1070 Wien, Kirchengasse 41




präsentiert zum Jahreswechsel an zwei Tagen heutige und elektronische Musik, Installation und Performance und ruft zu einer interdisziplinären Auseinandersetzung über Zwischenkörper auf.

Macht Membranen und Grenzbereiche
sichtbar und hörbar!


Tamara Wilhelm, Barbara Kaiser: Sound/Video/Installation
Ingrid Schmoliner, Caroline Profanter, Vinzenz Schwab: Präpariertes Klavier/Elektroakustik und Spatialisation
Electric Indigo: Processing

Brigitta Bödenauer, Susanna Gartmayer: Elektronik/Kontrabassklarinette Pia Palme, Doris Schmid: Sound/Video
Elisabeth Schimana, Noid: Elektronik/Cello/Transducer

Konzept: Pia Palme
Klangregie: Christina Bauer
Organisation: Verein LAUT + Verena Schäffer

KARTENRESERVIERUNGEN UNTER: 30.12. Bei Bestellung per Email 11€ Restkarten an der Abendkassa zu 15€ 31.12. Bei Bestellung per Email 13€ Restkarten an der Abendkassa zu 20€

Dank an MA7 und BKA für die Unterstützung.

Wednesday, December 10th, 6:30 pm
Coffee Kabin, Huddersfield

13 Minutes Closer To…
Pia Palme, contrabass recorder & video

performing live at:

Happy to announce:

I’m chosen as one of four composers to intensively work with the ensemble EXAUDI during 2014/2015, to develop an innovative piece for four voices.

This portfolio opportunity is offered by Sound and Music ( with EXAUDI’s director James Weeks and mentor Laurence Crane, to:

Luke Nickel (Bristol)
Pia Palme (Vienna)
Michael Perrett (Manchester)
Charlie Usher (Paris)

A first substantial sketch is finished. I look forward to an intensive rehearsal session with EXAUDI on December 6th in London. 

Performing at hcmf 2014:
Saturday 29 November, The Loft @ Bates Mill, 10:30PM


David Toop electronics / alto flute / objects
Camille Norment glass harmonica
Orphy Robinson vibraphone / bass marimba
Emi Watanabe Japanese transverse flutes
Pia Palme contrabass recorder
Jennifer Allum violin
Ryoko Akama electronics / objects
Huddersfield, Yorkshire GB

David Toop, Camille Norment, Orphy Robinson, Emi Watanabe, Pia Palme, Jennifer Allum and Ryoko Akama bring Carlos Casas’ installation Avalanche to a close, performing live alongside the projection.

Elevate Festival, Graz  and HOERGEREDE

Saturday, 25. October 2014, 20:30
Anna Kim & Pia Palme
Schattensprechen : Sprachschattung

Once more, I will work with paper on stage; this will be noisy.

Videos available from Relatively Scary and SETZUNG 1.1,
see under  >>>works.


11. Oktober 2014, 10:05 radio Ö1
bin ich live Studiogast bei der Radioshow:

Ö1 Klassik-TreffpunktLive von der Murinsel in Graz.
Präsentation: Renate Burtscher

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014, 23:03 Radio Ö1 Zeit-Ton
will feature Relatively Scary in a radio version, and more. 

ORF musikprotokoll 2014. Ringelspiel als Konzertpodium.
Gestaltung: Rainer Elstner

musikprotokoll 2014 presents:
Let´s merry-go-round!

9. – 12. Oktober 2014, 12:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Graz, Karmeliterplatz, free entrance
with, among others:

Relatively Scary

by Pia Palme & Electric Indigo (2014)

Pia Palme reflects the dynamic instability the passenger senses with her specific techniques of playing the contrabass recorder. Acceleration overcoming gravity is present in her sounds. Electric Indigo contrasts them with industrial noises to accentuate the rotation. Her uncanny pulse increasingly disintegrates as an incisive reminder of the finite nature of experience.

for complete programm see:

Pictures from the rehearsal of my new piece SETZUNG 1.1,

Some reflections about my recent work, in the context of drawing on paper, the historical figure of Sor Juana and intermediate objects, such as a membrane score.
Will be published soon, in an extended version.

>>> Drawing on Paper, from Mind to Voice. 

Mittwoch, 24. September 2014, 19:30 Uhr Wien,
Off-Theater, 1070 Kirchengasse 41
cercle – konzertreihe für neue musik presents:

Compositions by
Klaus Lang, Lukas Haselböck, Pia Palme,
Gernot Schedlberger

Performed by: Johann Leutgeb, Bariton; Lukas Haselböck, Bass; Michaela Schausberger, Schauspielerin.



Composition, text and setting by Pia Palme 2014
will be premiered by actress Michaela Schausberger


The picture shows a first print of the huge score.
Thanks to gap-repro Vienna, for the fine final print on transparent paper.

The text for the composition can be found here >>>

Sunday, August 31st, 12 – 4:30 pm
Barbara Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield, UK

Sculpture 4 in Kaprow’s Yard
With: Elaine Mitchener, Dam Van Huynh and Pia Palme

Along with students from University of the Arts, London, to continue their ongoing exploration of the idea of event as sculpture.

An excerpt of SPANNWEITE is now available,
featuring 13:27 minutes of a total of 45 at the performance at Frauenmuseum Hittisau, Austria.

Wednesday, July 23rd, 23:05 on Austrian radio program Ö1, Zeitton:
Irene Suchy presents the collaborative piece.

wohin komponistin

Mittwoch 18. Juni 2014, 20:00, reiheM 
Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Jabachstr. 1, Köln

Éliane Radigue

Julia Eckhardt (Brüssel), Viola

Zwei Stücke aus „Feedback Works“:
Omnht, Feedback auf Tonband
Usral, Bearbeitetes Feedback
Lionel Marchetti (Lyon), Klangregie

Pia Palme (Wien), Kontrabassblockflöte shows a beautiful picture of Éliane Radigue, too.

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014, 20:00 Uhr
e c h o r a u m
Sechshauser Straße 66, 1150 Wien


Claudia Cervenca – Stimme
Pia Palme – Konstrukte, Kontrabassblockflöte, Elektronik
Korhan Erel – Elektronik
Katharina Weinhuber – Tanz, Performance

Here I continue the work about resonance, joining with other artists. Constructing resonant bodies from cardboard, boxes, and tubes, I use different types of vibration speakers and analog constructions. The human body and voice will be veiled and exposed at the same time.

Montag 2. Juni 2014, 12:30-14:00
Universität Wien, Institut für Musikwissenschaft
Universitätscampus AAKH, 1090 Wien, Spitalgasse 2-4, Hof

Vortrag von Pia Palme,
als Gast in der Vortragsreihe von Prof. Dr. Gerlinde Haas:

Die Politik der Resonanz

Als Komponistin spreche ich über meine Werkserie GIB SIE WIEDER, diskutiere die Begriffe Politik und Resonanz im Zusammenhang mit dieser Arbeit, bringe Hörbeispiele und lade zu Experimenten ein.

During the next days, I will examine resonance,
creating sounds and recording, with my contrabass recorder, and electronics at
Frauenmuseum Hittisau – Platz 501, 6952 Hittisau, Vorarlberg.

Wednesday, 30. April 2014, 14:00 – 18:00
On invitation by Barbara Anna Husar I will join with artist Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki for a performance; my sound installation/composition


condenses recordings of sounds the young artists found with their objects, with a performance using the contrabass recorder and a bass drum.

Performance zur Präsentation einer sozialen Plastik von Barbara Anna Husar gemeinsam erarbeitet mit zwei Schulklassen im Rahmen des Projekts p[Art] bezugnehmend zu der aktuellen Ausstellung ‘Ich bin daheim. Die Künstlerin A.M. Jehle (1937 – 2000)’.


Sonntag, 13. April 2014, 20:00
Neue Musik St. Ruprecht

Pia Palme: Kontrabassblockflöte / Rhodri Davies: Harfe

Werke von
Eliane Radigue:
OCCAM XVIII (2014), OCCAM I (2011) und OCCAM River V (2014)


und Pia Palme:
GIB SIE WIEDER (2014)   >>> mehr über das neue Werk

Rhodri Davies handling and whisking feathers for GIB SIE WIEDER



Three premieres


Friday, March 21st, 20:00 Phipps Hall
University of Huddersfield

At the opening concert of the
Beyond Pythagoras Conference
my new work will be performed:

GIB SIE WIEDER a warning commentary on resonance II

for harp & electronics (transduced onto harp)
outside harp on stage: Rhodri Davies

inside harp (recorded): Gabriela Mossyrsch, harp/Vienna
voice, Claudia Cervenka/Vienna
feedback sounds & noises/Pia Palme
text by Pia Palme.

Along with two premieres by Eliane Radigue

OCCAM I (2011)
OCCAM River V for harp and contrabass recorder (2014)

Rhodri Davies/harp
Pia Palme/contrabass recorder

What an honour to perform this music!


Rhodri Davies and Eliane Radigue, picture taken by Pia Palme during a coffeebreak at rehearsals, Paris 2014

My article

LIP OF THE REAL version II: Composing the noise of mind

is published in the CeReNeM Journal
of the University of Huddersfield and can be read online:

Thursday, March 14th 2014, 19:30
St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield

Garth Knox, viola and viola d’amore
performs works by György Ligeti, Ben Mungovin, Salvatore Sciarrino, Garth Knox, Pia Palme a.o.

The concert setup for my piece involves an installation.

GIB SIE WIEDER a warning commentary on resonance I
in four parts,
for viola d’amore, contrabass recorder
and live electronics transduced into a sounding object

More about the piece   >>>


The amplified resonant strings of the viola d’amore and the voice of Viennese vocalist Claudia Cervenka sounded out of this beautifully crafted old wooden box I brought from Austria, and sculptured paper…

And once more, goose feathers – also used by the performer.


I love this kind of performance: three hours,
including food and drink…and this…
thanks for sharing such a nourishing artistic environment!



All fotos and paper object @ Pia Palme.

Di 18. Februar 2014 // 19:00
Im_flieger@Schokoladenfabrik, Gaudenzdorfergürtel 43-45, 1120 Wien
Eintritt frei!

Das fantastische Dritte/Die Partitur von und mit Sabina Holzer, Brigitte Wilfing, Jack Hauser, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong + Gästen

2. Interpretation:
Sabina Holzer (AT): Performance
Pia Palme (AT): Kontrabassflöte und Elektronik
Roland Schueler (AT): Cello
Brigitte Wilfing (AT): Performance

DAS FANTASTISCHE DRITTE widmet sich in einer Reihe von Salons unkonventionellen Partituren als Niederschrift, Dokumentation, Erinnerung und Arbeitstool und untersucht sie auf Übersetzungen in zeitgenössischen Tanz / Performance und angrenzende Kunstfelder.
Die Salons folgen einer musikalischen Mehrstimmigkeit, in der sich Unterschiede miteinander verweben, wie in einem vielseitigen Gespräch. Fragen sind „Was wäre eine zeitgenössische Partitur? Was soll durch deine Partitur wirksam werden? Welche Welt willst Du mit einer Partitur erzeugen?“
Prozess und Produkt wollen sich hier als mögliche „soziale Partituren” überlappen.

Friday, January 17th 2014
IMA Institut für Medienarchäologie, Hainburg
the 1,000,051st Anniversary of Art

On site and on line from 18:00 open end,
on air 21:40 to 22:00 (20:40 – 21:00 GMT).


To celebrate Max Brand who left behind a wonderful machine, the Max Brand Synthesizer.


Pia Palme using KOMA Pedals and feathers, foto by Reinhard Mayr

With Norbert Math, Pia Palme, Elisabeth Schimana, Michael Zacherl
Special guests: MOOZAK
(Benedikt Guschlbauer, Clemens Hausch, Gerald Krist, Uli Kühn)


Michael Zacherl, Norbert Math and Max Brand by Pia Palme

On air: 11pm-2am on Radio Ö1,