30.5.2012, 20:00
at echoraum Wien
1150 Sechshauserstraße 66

P!!GS live

Ingrid Schmoliner, piano
Pia Palme, subbassrecorder & electronics
Igor Gross, percussion


19. – 26.5.2012
I will participate as composer, performer and improviser in

RAFLOST festival/Reykjavik

Sölvhóll IAA Concert Hall, 26th of May, 21:00:
RAFLOST final performance
among others:

Ríkharður H. Friðriksson & Pia Palme:
Camilliana by Ríkharður H. Friðriksson for contrabassrecorder and electronics, performed with Kueng contrabass-recorder

Rikhardur H. Fridriksson, Pia Palme, Christoph Schiller, Jesper Pedersen

Foto: Pia Palme

Sölvhóll Concert Hall, 24th of May, 21:30:
LIP OF THE REAL (Palme 2012)             >>>read more
with Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir, voice and Frank Aarnink, percussion

Listamannakomplex, Skipholt 11-13, May 21st, 20:00
RafSpuni – ElImpro
with Christoph Schiller, Gunnar Grímson, Rikhardur H. Fridriksson and Magnús Jensson, Pia Palme

May 20th – Nýlenduvöruverzlun Hemma og Valda, Laugavegur 21 (20:00-23:00)
Pia Palme & Christoph Schiller

more details at website: www.raflost.is 

New work:

CANTU FOLIATO       >>>read more

– a toolkit for voices (SATB) and electronics,
text: from Iovis, by Anne Waldman

will be tried out in a first version by EXAUDI ensemble at:
Centre for Research in New Music
University of Huddersfield

A text about part of the concept can be found at texts.