February 2018/1

Two new scores are now ready to be performed later this year.

STROPHE for mixed choir 

was commissioned by the Vienna-based choir Gegenstimmen. The ensemble connects people who love to sing and think politically. The text for STROPHE was provided by the choir, it was compiled from texts the singers had written. For the short and minimal composition, my focus was to organise and sculpt the singers as a social body. The choir becomes a community that vocally contracts and expands, and is at times synchronised, at other times not, sometimes in unison and sometimes divided into separate strings of voices with different sonic roles that keep changing. Organic minimalism?

AUS DER NÄHE for oboe da caccia solo

Here, I take up an idea that had grown into a couple versions between 2011 and 2014 and bring it into a new form. I’m very much looking forward to hearing this one live; I love the baroque oboe instruments. The sheer haptic experience of the oboe da caccia is a feast: the curved instrument is coated with black leather. Also, thanks to the oboist and caccia-performer Molly McDolan, with whom I collaborated on a number of occasions; her expertise and marvellous instrument once again inspired the work.