November 2018
Örö Residency Programme  |  www.ö

As Artist in Residence
I spend the entire month at Örö, a remote island in Finland
composing, performing, filming, writing

During my residency at Örö, I plan to work on a series of outdoor and indoor performances under the conceptual umbrella of Cartographic Performances, that is performances linked to a certain real place, as well as associated compositions. The idea of my performances and experiments is to listen deeply into and at the specific sites, including plant and animal life, and at the same time into my own mind and body. In particular, I want to explore into the connection or conflicts between nature & humanity, warfare & artistic action, military architecture and biological patterns. I intend to look into closeness and distance in communication, working with perception, reflection, and imagination.

How far can I go?
How deep can I listen?
Do I still feel secure?
Can I stay with the trouble, with the precariousness?
Can I stay with the vulnerability and gentleness?

Where does sound find stability?

The proposed performances can be composed of several disciplines, such as music, sound art, field recording, video, installations, texts, and instrumental performance on site (I bring my Kueng-contrabass recorder). In my practice, the elements I compose with react and interact with each other, like living beings. Left alone, they develop a life of their own, in a biological way.

I understand what I do as putting together a hot heap of compost, that is, I bring together artistic and sonic matter – to ‘compose’ means to ‘bring together’. This way, the compositional practice becomes a biological process (for further references on composting as an approach towards art, look into Donna Haraway’s recent book ‘Staying with the trouble.’) From the performances and from the material I will gather, I envision a series of media compositions for voices and instruments, that I want to put together towards a lecture-opera at a later stage, back in Vienna.

pia palme by maria frodl