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CV Pia Palme Palme CV 2017

List of works Pia Palme Palme List of Works

1) Work:
for four singers (SCtTB) with a text by Pia Palme.

Duration: 12′

The score is provided here: MORDACIOUS LIPS:Score

A recording with ensemble EXAUDI is provided here:


Information about the work under:



2) Work:
Patterns to punctuate song, with darkness (Palme 2015)
for mezzo with a throat microphone, electronics (playback) and video (playback)

The written score is provided here: Patterns to punctuate song:Score

A recording of the work with Ute Wassermann, mezzo and Pia Palme, electronics is found here:

The electronic playback track is a fixed media stereo playback. It can be heard in the recording.

The video playback (silent) for the work Patterns to punctuate song, with darkness can be watched here:



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