Portfolio Pia Palme

My current portfolio presents two musical works and three examples of written publications (book chapters).

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(2020) music theatre

A collaborative work by an artistic group consisting of Pia Palme, Juliet Fraser, Paola Bianchi, Christina Fischer-Lessiak, Irene Lehmann.

My role: idea and initiative, music composition, text, paper installation, performance of the electronic part, bass recorder, and spoken voice.

Link to a trailer, information, texts and pictures https://www.fragilityofsounds.org/wechselwirkung/

The music consists of parts notated in the score, and parts which are not notated (those are my electronic 4-channel-part and improvisations which I perform with the bass recorder and spoken voice). The score is a collection containing a timeline, commentary, and modules for voice and ensemble, which are put together according to the timeline. 

Link to the score Wechselwirkung_Score

The premiere was filmed and recorded, the entire video is available at


More Radically (2019)

a piece for two performers and video, improvised by mezzo Rosie Middleton and myself. No notated score, only oral directions given by me. I had a dramaturgy in mind. The text of the piece was written by myself. I made the video for the performance.

Link to the video+sound, further information and the complete text of piece http://www.fragilityofsounds.org/more-radically/

Written publications

Composing Futures. Activism and Ecology in Contemporary Music

In: Lehmann, I. and Palme, P. (2022). Sounding Fragilities. An Anthology.
Hofheim: Wolke Verlag.
Link to the article SF_05_Palme_041-060

Link to the book at Wolke Verlag

Composing with a Polluted Planet (forthcoming 2022)

The preprint is available here Palme_Composing_with-a-Polluted-Planet
The link to the video lecture is here https://vimeo.com/664460154/e6a5f20ed8

Rauschen. An excursion across the border between the wanted and the unwanted – and then back again.

An essay written as book chapter for a Sound Almanac project, forthcoming 2022/23